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Subaru STi Titanium Chrome Reverse Lockout

Subaru STi Titanium Chrome Reverse Lockout

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Material: Solid titanium

Fitment: All STi models! (WILL NOT FIT ANY WRX MODELS)

This part is replicated directly from the stock STi 6-speed part.

Hole is drilled and tapped for a #6-32 set screw. It does NOT use the roll pin so installation is MUCH easier. (Allen key and set screw included)

This part helps to bring a more up-scale appeance to the interior, replacing the stock plastic reverse ring.

NOTE: This product is designed to work perfectly with the stock and Kartboy STi shift levers.

*This Reverse Ring ONLY works on Impreza STi 6-speeds. It does NOT work on any Legacy, WRX, BRZ, FRS, or other type of Subaru 6-speed. They are all different.

There have been reports of the TWM shifter being thinner causing wiggle room between the components. There have been reports of the MODE shifter being thicker causing the ring to not fit all the way on. The recommendation is to only use this reverse lockout with the stock shifter or Kartboy shifter.


100% United States hand made.
*Shift knob sold separately*

Manufactured by WCLatheWerks

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